He's Been Promoted!

If you all haven't noticed the changes to the left side panel of my blog...I insist you look. Particularly around the first sentence of Austin's bio.

Yes, he's a Lance Corporal now! (If you're reading this; congrats baby!)

I'm so proud of him. I'm so, so proud. I'm the proudest girlfriend in the history of forever on this planet. (Well, graduation was pretty awesome...) No longer is he a private, or a pfc, he's a lance corporal! Which, no-isn't the highest rank in the world, but it's some rank and it's taken a lot of hard work. Anyone who says otherwise can suck my toes and die.

What? I'm a tad protective of my own. I can't help it.

But I'm proud of him; I just had to brag a little, ya know? And I'm gonna ask that you all be praying for Austin. I haven't gotten to hear from him lately; but his parents have. They say he sounds tired and worn out. I'm just a tad worried about him. I know Austin is in God's hands, but I can't help it. I worry anyway. And it's bad that I do that, and I'm working on it.
I just love him to little pieces and never want anything bad to ever happen to him. If I could move there now and take care of him all the time, I so would. I really would.


Anywho, I'm getting some sleep. I watched seven babies at VBS tonight and it has worn me out.

Thanks for reading!


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