No Motivation

I don't know why, well, I might know why, but I don't have any motivation to write lately.

I hate that. I really do. I've been doing a bunch of stuff...I just don't have the motivation to get on here and type it all out. I'm going through a..."transitional" stage in my life right now though. Making some big decisions. Things to keep in my life; if they're worth it; things to take out of my life; my career path; schooling; finding a new job (my current isn't cutting the bills); ect.

I'm having a hard time figuring everything out. I've been distracted a lot lately. I don't know. Call this a funk. Call this a rut. Whatever it is, I'm in it.

I've been thinking about moving out lately too. They're some apartments in town at a good price. If I get a new job like I think I might, I'm thinking about moving out of the house...I'll be closer to school too. I just hate to leave dad by himself though. I don't know how he'd do without me. I'd be constantly worrying over him...

We'll just see.

Oh, and I finally got a reply out of Austin after about 2-3 weeks of non-comunicato. I got told I was loved. I guess that's what counts. Still...a talk will be issued. An overdue talk. Wish my luck and send prayers my way.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Aww I'm praying for both of you guys! If its any consultation I've always been told that people who can pull off a long distance relationship have the strongest hearts. You are super strong Sarah and just know that he loves you a ton everytime I've saw you guys together it was so clear of his love for you! Prayers coming your way!

    1. Thanks Kim, I really needed that encouragement. You really made my day! (: You're in my prayers too, hun.