I'm Geeking Out!

Howdy everyone! Hope you're having a great morning! I know I am.

It's around 10:04 and I've already went out to jog, got the mail, and played with my little kittens! Oh how I love them~! So cute! But I'm about to be on my way to Richmond...why?

That's why. Look at that contact. I put that in my eye yesterday! My contact was bothering me really bad, and I put a couple of eye drops in before I thought to take it out and look at it. I didn't like what I saw. Luckily I had carried my glasses with me. I wore them the rest of the day and I'm wearing them now. I hate my glasses though. I got them when I was in my teenage-emo-stage that every adolescent goes through at some time or another...they're black and blocky. I think they look bad on me.

You can tell the difference.

Without glasses:

See? Subtly decent. Triple points I happen to be sporting my Batman shirt today.

With glasses:

Awkwardly geeky. That's all I can say. The Batman shirt does help though. I guess I'm just geeking out today. I really hope I can just go pick some up today and they have mine in stock. I have to watch little babies at VBS tonight. That's hard enough without having to guard your glasses from their cute, grubby little hands.

I have to pick up a part for my poor Monty too. I have to get him some break pads because they've been squealing. Hopefully I can find his year today too and not have to wait to order some. I've procrastinated on getting some, and he's been squealing for about two weeks now. Let's hope my breaks don't give out on the way to Richmond today.

Thanks for reading, I'm out and on my way,


P.S. If any of you have been following on the Facebook page; I'm not gonna be updating it for a little bit. In fact I'm not gonna be on Facebook at all-my personal page or Winging It's- for a while. I'm not too sure how long. But be sure to check back in here every once in a while for a good update! Thanks!

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